The Three Ts play the waiting game

Turfani is start-declared for a claimer in Argentan on Thursday, but there are 26 still in, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow before we know for sure if we get in. And it needs to rain. Tommy’s leg seems good, and he is back to jumping out of his skin just three days after Longchamp, so I’m looking for a race in about two weeks’ time, but I’m not finding what I want. France Galop gave us a gift by taking three kilos off his handicap after his race, which puts him in a great position if I can find the right race. There’s a 2,000-meter handicap at Fontainebleau with his name written all over it EXCEPT his third place in Deauville, long ago that it was, disqualifies him. I’m afraid we may have to go to Nancy, but that’s a long haul so I might just have to wait for something closer. Tyke gave us a super workout yesterday, one that allows me to declare him ready to go, so he has a race at Longchamp on April 26, all being well with his knees. So we’re all sitting tight, counting the days.

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