Turfani gets in, so start the rain dance

Turfani made the cut for Thursday in Argentan. It’s a 1,950 meter claimer with a full field of 14; she will break from the six hole and Nadege will ride. It’s not a strong field, but it’s a country track with a fairly short home stretch, so she’ll have to be up closer than she was in Fontainebleau if she hopes to take a check. I still think she’s not quite in top form;  and we took a blood sample Saturday and I’ll see the results today. She is working well and seems certainly capable of racing, but I’m sensing she’s just a little under the weather. I started her on Twydil Hematinic on Saturday, giving her an iron and mineral boost going into the race.  If I see anything amiss in the blood analysis, I’ll scratch, but if the numbers are OK, we’ll go ahead. There aren’t all that many races for her at the moment, so I do think we should take a crack at this if we can. I’ll also scratch if we don’t get some of the rain promised into Thursday. I don’t want to risk running her on fast ground, because she’s not solid enough behind. She definitely needs some cut in the turf.

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