Tommy holds together

Tommy ran his comeback race at Longchamp yesterday and appears to have come back sound, which was the objective for the day. He also finished last, but we don’t care about that. He was ridden by an extremely inexperienced jockey in a lady’s race, so anything can happen. I told her that he usually ran at the back, but since he hadn’t seen a racecourse in more than a year, just let him do what he wants and whatever you do, don’t hit him. She apparently only heard the first part of that, because he bolted out of the starting gate to lay about fourth, which is when the jockey panicked and hooked him right back to the back of the pack, nearly causing an accident for the horses behind her. Ah, well, what can you do? It was tough to find somebody to ride him because it was clear it would essentially be a training gallop. But for jockeys, like doctors, the first rule is “do no harm,” and that rule was followed. He came back sound (and not very tired). He’s eating well, his legs look like they’re up to the task and now that he’s got a race under his belt, we can find a nice handicap for him next time out. He looks terrific and I’m glad we’re back in business with him again.

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