Skid scores a flying second

Skid Solo finally ran the race I knew he could today, finishing a great second in Chantilly. The first three past the post came home six lengths in front of the rest of the pack, and Skid just nosed out the favorite to take second just a length behind the winner. Nadege rode a great race, and managed to find cover in only an eight-horse race – something our previous jockey couldn’t manage to do in a field of 18. Skid was relaxed for most of the race, then stretched out nicely for a nice finishing kick, which we hadn’t seen before. It would have been even nicer to win, but the second made us very happy, especially since we got the thrill of finishing in front of some of the biggest trainers in France, including Andre Fabre! This gives us something to build on, and certainly sends me off to the Newmarket sales in a good mood. Off to buy more good horses…

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  1. A layperson’s reply:

    Congratulations Gina! I watched the race on the Paris-Turf site that another comment-or mentioned. What a beautiful horse. Good luck on your ‘shopping’.

  2. Glenn – Sorry for the late reply – I was away from my computer in Newmarket. “Finding cover” means tucking the horse in behind others rather than letting it bowl along in front or on the side of the pack, leading others or not being a real part of the race.

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