Skid off to see Chantilly

Skid Solo runs tomorrow at Chantilly, again his usual 1,200-meter straight sprint. It’s a great entry, a maiden race with only eight starters, and it makes me regret running the handicap 10 days ago. He seems fit and ready, but this is the third race in relatively short order for him and I’m always a little worried about going to the well too often, especially in the heat. The weather has turned a degree or two cooler, and apparently it has rained in Chantilly, so those are positives. Nadege will take over pilot duties this time, and I’m hoping the change of hands does us good. We can’t seem to get lucky in the draw, though; last time we were outside in No. 17 and this time we’ve got the No. 1 hole. I’d have loved to be in four or so, right in the middle, because it will be very hard to find cover in this race and I was really hoping to do that this time. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

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  1. Well done with Skid Gina! Have watched the pictures on the Paris-Turf website. He came like a train at the end. Didn’t see the beginning of the race, so don’t know how he started, but he did seem to do his best work at the end. Congratulations!

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