Home from the battle

I made it back from Newmarket late last night, and the three horses we bought arrived this morning. It was a very tough sale, and we’re all exhausted. Only 423 horses catalogued were actually sold, and more than a quarter of these went to Kuwaiti buyers, who paid silly amounts of money for horses that should have gone for less and really skewed the market. We managed to get three three-year-olds, a filly and two geldings. None of them have as strong a pedigree as I am usually able to buy in England, but they are all correct, nicely made animals, so I’m sure we can  find races for them to win. The filly is especially nice – a big chestnut called Blessing Belle, by Traditionally. She will carry the colors of Steve Collins, a new owner. The two geldings, Derringbay by Mull of Kintyre and Tarruji by Verglas, are available for lease and will run under my silks for now.

For the moment, all of the horses are in better accommodations than their trainer. My bathroom is being redone and our house looks like a bomb dropped. This was exactly the moment, of course, that my husband’s back decided to give out, so he is stuck in the bedroom immobile amid the chaos until the pain eases. The deep bed in Blessing Belle’s box is looking pretty inviting right about now…

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  1. I know the square-root of bugger all about horse-racing, but my nine-year-old daughter scooped a packet after backing Blessing Belle at 20-1 at Hamilton race course in May. (She picked her because she liked the name). I will follow Blessing Belle’s fortunes with interest. Here’s to many more wins!

  2. awwwwww i can’t wait to see them!!!! does tghis mean you’re ganna have to use the other stables on the opposite side to pixie’s stable?

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