More weather hell

OK, have I said this before? This global warming thing is just NOT working out for me. We had another blizzard today, it melted just enough to slush things up this afternoon, and now the whole sloppy mess is freezing overnight. All due to melt on Monday, just in time for the apocolyptic tempest that is due to arrive Tuesday, with winds gusting to 100 kilometers per hour. We got the horses out today before the worst of it hit, but tomorrow will probably be out of the question. Monday, yes, Tuesday, no way. Damn hard to train horses this way. One thing is sure: They will all be well-rested for the spring season, if spring ever comes.

On the home front, the toilet sprung a leak, which I didn’t notice until I went down to the wine cellar and began to wonder how it was that the wooden crate housing my Chateauneuf de Pape was wet. So Tim got to spend the evening replacing the guts of the toilet while I rearranged the cellar and opened a bottle of the Chateauneuf de Pape just to make sure it was still OK (it was). Cocoa the dobermann puppy helped with the toilet. Several wrenches are now missing. I’m sure they’ll turn up strategically buried around the house (or possibly the yard). Winter. Ugh.

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