That empty feeling

We took Skid up to Normandy yesterday for his date with destiny on Monday. Hard Way, meanwhile, seems to have twisted his ankle, which puts him out of action for the next 10 days or so. That leaves the T’s: Tyke, Turfani and Tommy. Only three operational horses at the moment leaves me severely under-employed, so I’m programming myself for a round of presentations on racing to expat groups in Paris. The barn must be filled, and with spring around the corner and horses being practically given away at the sales, now is the time to find the owners. Luckily, I just met an American racing fanatic that can help. Mark Tronco, a New Jersey native, is marooned here while his wife toils away at a big French bank. Let me tell you, he’s suffering: his schedule is packed with walking tours, wine-tasting, volunteering at a local food bank and other social events. I was able to nab him for company on the trip up to Normandy with Skid with the bribe of explaining France’s somewhat archaic pari-mutuel system. In return, he has given me several ideas in the search for owners. We had a good day, and once the racing season gets going again, I’m hoping to entice him out to come and help spiff up a horse or two on race day. It’s always a pleasure to have someone enthusiastic around the barn…now I just have to find more occupants so he won’t be lonely!

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  1. hi gina,

    just wondering if you saw that tommy’s sister was sold at tattersalls for only 1800gns, that is really given away…

    she was lot 141 and called “forgive me”, she had only one start in newmarket in what looks like a solid maiden… she ran 10th out of 14th…

    Did you eye any horses at this sales?

    Anyway send my regards to skid, it was going to happen one day or the other anyway…

    Keep well

  2. Poor Skid!

    He now has a lovely new baby sister by Dark Angel born last Saturday. She’s a feisty little madam – was born outside around 1pm and was up and running by 2pm! The weather here has been pretty horrible too, and she and her Mum only got back outside for the first time today.

    Hope Skid doesn’t take too long to recover and we look forward to his 3 year old career.

    All the best,


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