Well, shit.

This week’s entries certainly did not go as I had hoped. I wanted to run Hard Way in the 2,400-meter second division of the Tierce in Clarefontaine on Tuesday, but he was eliminated, so I had him in a 2,000-meter handicap in Deauville on Wednesday as a backup – the same race in which I had entered Turfani. Since it will be a split handicap, I had hoped that Turfani would fall into the second half, so we could have a shot at winning two races. But no – when the final deadline passed this morning, we ended up in the same race. On top of it, the weather is turning against us. Beautiful, wonderful summer weather for everything you’d want to do, except race a horse that needs a little cut in the ground. Hard Way isn’t bothered one way or another, and he will race for sure, but Turfani doesn’t handle the heat and really needs it a little soft. Rain is forecast, but not until Thursday. The track crew told me yesterday they were watering, and friends staying there say there has been a humid fog hanging over the track every morning, but I’m not sure it’s enough for Turfani.

On the upside, both horses are in top form. Hard Way has gained a lot of muscle since his last race, and Turfani is squealing and jumping out of her skin. I still may scratch her at the last minute if it really looks too firm, but at the moment I would really like to take advantage of her good form. It’s a shame I can’t get a crack at two different races, so I guess we’ll have to settle for a dead heat.

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  1. I was just in Deauville and Clairfontaine – the track at Deauville gets watered a lot and the weather there is cooler than inland – but it was very hot the day I was in Clairfontaine hanging out with my friend at the vet’s post at the stables. I wanted to take my daughter backstage to see racing, and she had a great time. We also went to the yearling sales and drooled over all the gorgeous yearlings.

  2. You must have been there Friday – next time you’re on the stable side and I have a runner, look me up! I had Pixie in the 7th that day. We also went to look at the yearlings. Too expensive for us! I’ll wait until the 900,000 euro babies show up at the horses-in-training sale for 9,000!

  3. Yes, it was Friday! Did you see me in my silly hat? The seventh race was the one my friend Philippe had a runner in (I think) (he came in third – but I bet on it to win – I’ll never learn!)
    I had my eye on a filly who went for 120000 – now you’ve given me hope she’ll be in the horses-in-training sale, lol. I’ll be back in Deauville if I finish all my work this month (freelance artist and writer here) but I’m swamped and if I keep blogging I’ll never get done, lol.

  4. Missed you at Clairfontaine as I was at the sales for my sins. Have to admit, unless you are buying something; spending 4 days visiting the sales as an onlooker can become a bit of a bore.
    If your not one of them, then your out in the cold. Thankfully I’m not, as they would appear to have more money than sense. There is better value by going on the beach for a swim.
    Who in their right mind! would buy an untried foal, for a way over the top price and then feel good about having beaten somebody else to get it.
    Answer most of them. But thankfully they do, as most trainers need these type of people for the industry to survive.

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