Frustration with Pixie

Pixie had a pretty bad run yesterday, finishing back in the field in her handicap. I switched jockeys to an apprentice to get the weight allowance, but it turned out to be a bad idea. My instructions were to find cover behind the leaders and make sure you ride to the finish. Instead, he left her three wide for the entire trip with no cover at all, so she really over-extended herself before the home stretch. On top of it, he snatched her up about 150 meters from the post, then dropped his hands and cantered out.

Pixie hasn’t run with much spark this year in any case, which has been frustrating. We may give the same course and distance another try, with a jockey change again, at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Hard Way was eliminated from his handicap on Tuesday so will run Wednesday in Deauville instead. He will go 2,000 meters rather than 2,400. I prefer the longer distance, but the Wednesday race is still good for him. Turfani is entered in the same race, but since it’s a split handicap, it looks like she will fall into the second division, which I prefer. She does need cut in the ground, though, so we won’t take her unless it rains a bit before Wednesday. Both horses seem to be in top form, so I hope they can both race.

3 Replies to “Frustration with Pixie”

  1. Hi Gina.
    Just one question: are you sure the ideal distance for Pixie is 1800? In my modest opinion, a little shorter trip would be much better for her, maybe a mile or so.
    And don’t you think a try running in front might be also good?
    Good luck next week.

  2. Hi Gina,
    The distance is not the issue; Pixie needs to run on a left hand track. Unfortunately in August both Clairfontaine and Deauville are right handed. While she obviously runs better with a girl on her back.

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