Tyke nears his big day

Cape Tycoon is entered for next Sunday at Longchamp, which would be his debut for me. He will gallop tomorrow morning and so far things have been going pretty well. He was coughing a bit on Friday (I assume after he discovered he was entered in a race via the secret broadband connection somewhere in his box) but he’s eating well, has no fever and didn’t cough today, so hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. Just in case, I’ve given him a dose of Vitamin C (which will make him nearly impossible to hang onto tomorrow) and echinacia to bolster his immune system. There’s been a bug going around, and this would be the worst possible time for it to hit.

Tyke has been looking and acting more and more like a racehorse, and he put Skid inĀ  his place today when Skid decided to try to start a fight walking home after exercising. Skid is going through the horse version of the Terrible Twos (even though he’s three) and hasn’t yet figure out that he’s been gelded. So out of the blue he swung around to kick Tyke – who KNOWS what they were talking about between themselves before that – and then backed into him after I stopped his first attempt. Tyke responded with a good whack, catching Skid right in the ribs and missing my hip by milimeters. Skid should know better than to pick a fight with a horse twice his size and racing fit. He’s got a good egg on his side, but all in all everyone was lucky – especially me.

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  1. So when he’s behaving himself Gina, how is Skid coming along, fitness-wise? His older brother (Ten Pole Tudor (4yo)) runs in a claimer today at Wolverhampton, his two younger siblings are doing fine at home with us, and his dam is back in foal to Ramonti.

  2. Pippa – Skid is coming along nicely, but I’m not rushing anything because I expect him to be quite a good horse for us this year and he’ll be worth the wait. He seems to be past his post-gelding slump, and he’s starting to change his coat, which was quite dull after the gelding, plus he’s now growing a bit taller. He’s hack cantering now and will do more in a couple of weeks. I hope he’ll be ready by early June. We like him very much, and I’ll be watching to see what happens with the siblings. I’ll also be at the Newmarket July sale if you’re in the neighborhood!

  3. Great to hear that – thanks Gina. Ten Pole Tudor was 2nd today! We’re usually at the July sale, so hopefully see you then.

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