Stuck in 6th

Well, you can’t say she’s not consistent. Turfani ran 6th again today in a field of 14, just out of the money. Today, though, there were plenty of excuses. I had never seen the track at Argentan, and while it is a decent country track, the home stretch is short and flat, nothing like the nice long uphill at Fontainebleau, St. Cloud or Compiegne, which is where we should go next. Plus, she wasn’t 100 percent going into this race, so we’ll change her feed and get her liver issues ironed out before we think about what to do next. All in all, she ran respectably, but didn’t get the chance to put in the nice finishing kick we saw in Fontainebleau. She didn’t blow much after the race, though, so she didn’t overextend herself. We’ll see how she is over the next few days, and I’ll probably pull another blood sample in two weeks or so to see where we are. But I think we can expect better things next time out.

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