Turfani hits the board; Belle up next

Turfani ran 4th in Deauville on Friday, finally getting to stretch her legs for the first time in three months. She was beaten three lengths and missed third by a head. She has come back well, and I’ll keep going with her through Cagnes before she retires to breeding.

On Tuesday, Blessing Belle makes her long-awaited return. She hasn’t run since May, because she turned over in her box and broke three vertebra in her withers. She has come back bigger and, it seems, stronger, if still a bit loopy in the head, so it will be interesting to see how she handles a return to racing. I’m just hoping she runs respectably and comes back ready for more, because she’ll go to Cagnes, too, along with George, who is in great form at the moment but can’t get into a race because he hasn’t earned enough. I’m hoping we’ll find something for him in Cagnes. Hi Shinko will go, too, and I’m spending the week trying to get organized for the trip, which seems to be quite an expedition. More on that soon.

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