Shinko caught short

Hi Shinko got caught up in a speed duel in Deauville yesterday, and both he and his rival ended up losers. The last time out, Shinko was able to take the lead and then slow the race down, keeping something in the tank to finish. This time, he went flat-out with another horse who tried to employ the same tactics. One of the jockeys should have been smart enough to pull back, but it didn’t work out that way and 100 meters from home, both leaders were spent. The time of the race was the fastest of the day at 1 minute, 28.1 seconds, and it was one of the fastest times on that course. Unfortunate, because I definitely expected to bring home money yesterday (which I do realize one should never expect in this game). A couple of other factors may have played into the race. I noticed when I was saddling Shinko that he was actually a bit fat. We have not been able to work properly since his last race because of the weather, and twice he was stuck in his box for a few days because it was too dangerous to go out. That also necessitated a feeding change, of course, so I think he was too fresh and fat for this race (hindsight is always 20/20). He’s come home fine, hardly blew after the race, ate up everything and is ready to go to Cagnes, where his next race should be on the turf – something I also think he will appreciate better than the fibersand, which maybe isn’t quite his cup of tea.

Next up: Turfani finally gets a run (I hope!) on Friday. She seems to have kept her form despite the weather – in any case, she is certainly not fat. Let’s see what happens.

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  1. Deauville 1500 m

    1’31”70 30/11/2010
    1’30”60 30/11/2010
    1’29”10 08/12/2010
    1’30”80 Hand 08/12/2010
    1’29”10 Hand 08/12/2010
    1’30”00 08/12/2010
    1’28”80 Hand 08/12/2010
    1’29”20 08/12/2010
    1’29”40 08/12/2010
    1’28”50 09/12/2010
    1’30”00 09/12/2010
    1’27”10 Listed 09/12/2010 Listed 3yo+
    1’31”40 17/12/2010 HI SHINKO 1st race
    1’30”20 Hand 17/12/2010
    1’30”00 Hand 17/12/2010
    1’31”00 Hand 17/12/2010
    1’33”40 18/12/2010
    1’33”10 20/12/2010
    1’31”20 20/12/2010
    1’29”90 21/10/2010
    1’29”10 21/10/2010
    1’30”30 22/12/2010
    1’31”20 Hand 22/12/2010
    1’30”70 22/12/2010
    1’29”20 22/12/2010
    1’28”20 22/12/2010
    1’29”10 Hand 23/12/2010
    1’32”10 Hand 23/12/2010
    1’30”60 Hand 23/12/2010
    1’29”70 27/12/2010
    1’29”60 27/12/2010
    1’30”50 28/12/2010
    1’31”20 Hand 28/12/2010
    1’30”80 Hand 28/12/2010
    1’31”20 Hand 28/12/2010
    1’30”20 31/12/2010
    1’32”00 31/12/2010
    1’29”80 Hand 03/01/2011
    1’30”30 Hand 03/01/2011
    1’28”10 Hand 03/01/2011 HI SHINKO 2nd race

  2. Thanks, Voro – that sort of says it all, doesn’t it? Only the Listed was faster than his handicap. He’s obviously a good horse; I just need to figure out how to run him here. I do think he was short of work, too; he’s already back cantering after his race.

  3. In my experience, horses that like to run from wire to wire are successful in 1300 and in 1600 meters also (I can backup this with the times if needed).
    You must take into account that races in the south a lot of times are run in a heavy ground and in bad conditions. I am not sure if this would be of Shinko’s liking.
    Normally there are a few quintes in 1500 meters in turf but again maybe rate 36 is a bit too high for him just now, although he maybe good enough for it in the future.
    Good luck anyway.

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