Signs of spring

The worst seems to be over. The tracks are thawed and it actually smells a little bit like spring. I no longer need a flashlight to feed in the morning, or to fill water buckets at night. Turfani and Blessing Belle worked on the fibersand this morning and they are both close to ready to get racing, which should happen in the first week of March. Hard Way is working his way back, relearning how to be civilized on the training track and stop acting like a yearling. Skid and Little Brazilien will come back from the field Tuesday; we are way behind getting the horses that have been out started back, but with the weather like it was, there was no point in bringing them home. George (Email Exit) and Timelord will come back March 2. Bay and Versaki are ready to go, too, and have races in early March. We have two new horses now in pre-training who should come in by April.  I can’t wait to get everything moving again.

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