Pixie's off to Ireland

Pixie’s Blue was bought by BBA Ireland at the sales today, so she will go back to her native country to be a brood mare. Apparently she will have a date with Soviet Star. She sold for only 2,000 euros, but I’m very happy she is going off to breeding in Ireland, so the price doesn’t really matter. There were many, many horses unsold today, so just to get her placed was a victory. Good luck, Pixie! Maybe one day I’ll be racing one of your babies.

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  1. Soviet Star? He is the broodmare sire of Soviet Song, Elite’s multiple group 1 winner. I watched (on the computer) Pixie go through the ring this morning. She did better than the other Hawk Wing that sold. I was pleased to see her go to BBA Ireland and I am glad that you are also. Here’s hoping she produces lots of winning babies.

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