Off to Lyon with Bay – AGAIN

I’ll be up and bleary-eyed at 4 a.m. to put Bay on the truck and head to Lyon, treating myself to another long drive in hopes of finally doing better than 2nd. This meeting is PMU, so I had hoped to get a ride down with the STH transport, but they wanted to leave at noon today, which was ridiculous. I think the other Maisons-Laffitte trainer, who has two runners down there, wanted to have dinner in Lyon tonight. So I rented my own truck to go on my own time – I didn’t have a dinner date. Bay is running in an 1,800-meter handicap, and this time he’ll have Dominique Boeuf on board which should be interesting. Boeuf is one of my favorite jockeys to watch, but I rarely use him because he has had…issues, for lack of a better term. Word is he pulls horses in handicaps, and I’ve seen it happen, which is why I never bet on him. On the other hand, when he WANTS to win, he’s a fantastic jockey. I’ve rarely seen anyone more at ease on a horse. Bay isn’t complicated, which is kind of too bad, because Boeuf has a way with insane horses. All he has to do tomorrow is keep Bay straight in the home stretch and we should be in the top three. And as always, it just depends on whether the guy wants to do it or not.

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  1. Which guy are we talking about the jockey or Derringbay, or perhaps a combination of Boeuf,sorry both.
    There was I thinking racing was as straight as a die. You really have spoilt my day.
    Best of luck Derringbay and Dominique Boeuf.

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