Hard to digest

DerringBay ran a clunker in Lyon yesterday, making a long trip all the harder. He broke oddly and never found his action. Boeuf said he had to niggle him along the whole time, and you could see that. I don’t see an obvious reason. His legs seemed fine today. He was coughing quite a bit after the race, and again this morning when he was hand-walked, so maybe he’s got something respiratory going on. I don’t think there is a bleeding issue, because it’s not like he didn’t finish – he just didn’t fire. He ate up everything like he always does, so if he’s sick, it’s not serious. Maybe, in the end, he’s as sick of Lyon as I am. If all is well, we’ll try him in the easiest race I can find in Deauville sometime near the end of the month.

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  1. I can certainly empathize with you on this one Gina. I was an owner for 20 years, and have been through that experience many times. It certainly tests your resilience. On the other hand, you know it can’t stay that way, and there is always another race around the corner.

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