Finally, a little racing

We’ve finally got a little racing to give us a break from winter. DerringBay goes to Lyon on Wednesday with a good chance to win. It’s a PMH meeting, unfortunately, which means we have to drive ourselves and it all costs more, but it looks like a great entry, since there are only nine runners in our handicap. DBay is at the top of the second half of the handicap, carrying 59.5 kilos, but the competition looks pretty slim. He seems in fine form, and it’s a track he likes (although I have to say it’s certainly not one of my favorites, considering it’s a five-hour drive and is situated in one of the most dismal urban areas I’ve seen in France). We have a new jockey up, Mikael Forest, who works forĀ  Jean-Claude Rouget (I had said Pantall earlier – this is a correction. I don’t know why I always confuse the two…) and seems to be a promising kid. We have the far outside post, which shouldn’t hurt us at this track. There are two or three horses that look like they can run a bit, so it won’t be a walkover, but if DBay decides to win this, he can. Now we just have to hope he’s in a good mood on Wednesday – because if he’s not, it’s going to be a long drive home…

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