Always a bridesmaid…

DerringBay finished second AGAIN in Lyon today, beaten just three-quarters of a length. He’s going to hit it down there one of these days…that said, he needed to be in the first three to make the trip worth it, and he was, so I can’t complain too much. It was one of the most dismal winter days we’ve had yet, with minus 5 Celcius and a frozen track. For a bit there I wasn’t sure we would race, but they worked over the track with heavy harrowing before every race, and it turned out to be usable, but not more. DBay hated it, actually, so we were sort of lucky to grab second. He lugged left horribly in the stretch, which is what he does when something is not to his liking, but he managed to stick his neck out when it counted. That makes three second places on the fibersand in Lyon. It was the usual lovely five-and-a-half hour drive each way, with the trip home complicated by several bits of blizzard. Probably the leftovers of what the Americans were struggling with this past week. But DBay adds 2,400 euros to his bank account, which is growing far more than I ever thought it would.

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  1. Congratulations on the second place finish. Yes we are trying to get rid of all of these storms; sorry they are coming your way. I have about three feet of snow around my house. We will be lucky if we see solid ground by April at the rate we are going.

  2. A pity about the ground, otherwise he would surely have won on his favourite track. Though second is better than nothing. One day he will get his nose in front.

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