What a relief

January marks my 15th anniversary of living in France, which means most of my adult life has been spent here. My husband and I still hold American citizenship, although we keep talking about getting naturalized here. For the past eight years, when a Fench person found out we were American, the first thing they did was offer their condolences. And it was appreciated – we’ve spent the Bush years slinking around embarrassed to admit our country of origin. Now, finally, we can exhale. Instead of condolences, I actually received congratulatory phone calls as the Obama inauguration was going on (which was slightly annoying, because I wanted to watch it, too).

One day, I hope that I can feel the same way about American horse racing. I am quite certain that the day the United States comes up with a nationwide ban on all race-day medications in horses, I will feel even better than I do today about the change in Washington. I know there are bigger things going on in the world than horse racing, but racing has become the center of my world, and one day I’d like to think that I could race a horse in America. I wouldn’t dream of it now. I am holding out hope for change, and that racing’s version of Obama will show up before it’s too late.

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  1. You say: For the past eight years, when a Fench person found out we were American, the first thing they did was offer their condolences.

    No matter who our president may be, Bush or Obama, no condolence is needed. I would rather be an American and live in this great country than France. Is this the France that would not let us fly over your airspace when we needed to. Is this the France that cheered when our cities were attached by terrorists.

    You should be ashamed. Go smoke a cigarette and not shave your underarms you silly french bitch

  2. Sigh. You probably are a fan of lasix in racing, too. France did anything but cheer when Sept. 11 happened, and clearly you have never set foot out of your own country, but your post really doesn’t merit a further response than that.

  3. Hi gina,

    just to let you know that you have all my support as well as sophie’s one…
    unfortunetly there are still these kind of people living in the US which is a shame as we also know how many great american people there is over there…

    it’s aways been a great pleasure to have you and your husband in france and even if you let your hair grow we will still have a glass of champagne with you…

    Please keep us up-dated on the happening of your stable such as you have done so well so far as this is what we are all interested to read about…

    Keep well and looking forward to more post soon.

  4. Ah, the provincialism of a small mind.

    Handled with class. Far better than I might have.

    After eight years of myopic thinking, exemplified by your first commenter, it is with unbridled relief that I too welcome the new administration.

  5. Josephine Baker said it best: “J’ai deux amours: mon pays et Paris.”
    Best wishes from your ally against the Philistines.

  6. Wow, I’m all in favor of free speech, but I was forced to remove postings from someone going by the name “Brent” who apparently is a very bitter former colleague (though I know of no one of that name, so apparently they don’t have the courage to show themselves). I grant to whoever this is that yes, I was a very difficult editor to work for at the IHT, and yes, there are, horrors, typos in my own blog because I don’t HAVE the luxury of an editor, which we all know everyone needs. Whoever you are, you need to move on with your life, and if you feel so strongly about it all, use your own name and whatever profanity you like, and I will let the post stand.

  7. I see you too are have to deal with your own ignorant and bigoted jerks. It’s a wonder the whole world is in such a state of hurt. Keep being the great person you are. I love you.

  8. Gina,
    as a Brit in France, I have never had the inclination to take up french nationality, despite preferring the life here.
    It’s true, Bush made a lot of enemies and mistakes with his oversees policies, but I just can’t help recalling the old saying; “when everybody is against you, there must be something your doing right” In a strange scenario, time may yet rule in Bush’s favour in some way.
    While for Obama the honeymoon is over, and the jury is out on whether his actions speak louder than his oratory speaches.
    Let’s hope so, but I have a feeling the economic mess will be here for a long time and President’s are never allowed much time, whatever their capabilities.

  9. Gina,
    Sorry I was late and missed out on the fireworks. Imagine my disappointment to find that (according to your now-removed “brent” comment) as another of your old friends, I don’t really even exist…and after 50 years of happily believing otherwise!
    I’m glad that the above Johnny is proud of Bush…someone should be and I was worried. Apparently he’s not aware that France went smoke-free as a nation a couple of years ago.
    Meanwhile, I’m avidly following Pencap’s progress. Hope to make it over to see him run…on hay, oats and water.

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