Way to go, Mark!

A hearty congratulations to one of my newest owners, Mark Tronco, who ran the Paris Marathon this morning. I don’t know what his time was (I’m thinking he was somewhere behind the Kenyan who won the thing with a time of 2 hours, 24 minutes and change) but he ran the whole thing, which is no small feat. And just to show his dedication to the yard, he wore a big logo for my Web site on his back. Thanks, Mark!

On the four-legged front, the three Ts worked this morning – Tyke, Turfani and Tommy. Tommy has an entry at Longchamp on Thursday, which would be his comeback race after more than a year off. It’s a mid-level claimer, and there are some very good horses still standing their ground, so I haven’t decided for sure if we should go ahead. If it doesn’t start raining soon, we won’t run, but if the forecast storms materialize, we might give it a shot just to get a race into him. He will have no chance to win, but he will requalify for the handicaps and we’ll see how his legs hold up. Tyke and Turfani worked well, and Turfani has an entry in Argentan next week.

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