Versaki off to Longchamp

Versaki goes to Longchamp tomorrow with a good chance if he handles the 1,400-meter “toboggan.” We are drawn in post 1, so I can’t complain. On that course, it’s a great draw – would have rather have had post 4, with a chance to tuck in behind, but Greg Benoist is up and I’m confident we’ll get a good ride.

Skid’s Tierce was frustrating. He charged out of the gate to the front and then dropped back to finish nowhere. It’s true that 1,000 meters is probably a bit too short for him; he’s really a 1,200-meter horse. That said, he never found his action and galloped “au genoux”, with high knee action. When he stretches out he has a beautiful, ground-covering stride that can win a race. We see it all the time in training. But he rarely stretches out in a race, probably because he is too stressed and can’t relax into his stride. I have to find a solution, because I still believe he’s a good horse and will definitely win a couple this year.

Meanwhile, the filly still has no name, but thanks for all of your suggestions. The lists are now getting long and silly, but something will float to the top soon. In any case, she started trotting in the Rond de Poulain today and she is a beautiful mover. We are all dreaming big, which is what untried two-year-olds are for!

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  1. Gina, I thought the suggestion of Hello Orio was cute….or how about these:
    Hello Torio
    Gorgeous Redhead (hope she’s a chestnut or bright bay!)
    Gorgeous Gambler
    HereComes Gorgeous
    GottaLove Gorgeous
    Hello Girlfriend

  2. Elle – Unfortunately, she’s a dark bay, so there goes Gorgeous Redhead! I think the owners are sticking to the musical theme from Oratorio rather than the maternal side. Solo Cantata is on the short list, as is Rendition. I’m just waiting to hear the verdict so we can decide what to call her around the barn!

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