Turfani gets stuck in the mud; Tyke and Pixie eliminated

Turfani spun her wheels in the mud in Lyon yesterday, frustrating us all because she really wanted – and was ready – to do better. I wanted soft going for her, but what we got was “collant,” or sticky, thick mud. I had never run her in anything that deep, but I was hoping she would travel on it. Nope. It was pretty evident from the minute she hit the track for her warm-up canter. She did not have her usual fluid stride. She broke well and went to her usual spot, about fourth behind the leaders, and was gamely trying from there, but she switched legs in the first furlong looking for better footing and I knew we were cooked. This is the first time I haven’t been annoyed with a jockey dropping his hands. Hamel rode exactly to orders, then asked her twice at the head of the stretch and didn’t force it when it was clear she couldn’t accelerate. So my record in Lyon is 1 win and two places from five starts, which isn’t too bad, but it’s a long way down there and I’ll be happy enough not to have to make the trip for awhile. Turfani came back fine, had a good long nap today and is eating up. Best of all, her legs look good, so we can look for something in Deauville…

…like the hundreds of others who are entered. Pixie and Tyke were both eliminated from their race Thursday – there were 199 horses start-declared. Everybody fit to run has entries next week; we’ll just keep throwing them out there and hoping something sticks.

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  1. As you say, very disappointing especially when you have to go so far. My horses here haven’t done anything, but don’t know what their excuses are except for perhaps lack of talent. Better luck next time … when you can get in.

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