Turfani and Strictly Rhythm up

Strictly Rhythm runs the first tomorrow, as Ian points out, Post 1, No. 1 in Race No. 1. That can only mean one thing, we hope. It’s a field of eight; two should not be a factor, three finished ahead of her last time out, but she has made tremendous progress since. The most dangerous should be, as usual, the Rouget, a filly who debuted 2eme here at the end of January.

Turfani, meanwhile, runs in the 7th. Poor mare can’t catch a break – she ended up in the first half of her handicap at bottom weight, meaning the competition is tougher and Fabien is too heavy to ride. We have Flavien Prat on board, who is OK, but I’d have preferred Fabien. But as our numerologist Ian points out, we have Post 7 in the 7th race and she’s No. 14, or 2×7.

Both horses seem in good form, especially Strictly. I know it’s too much to hope, but it would be really, really nice to win two…

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  1. Good luck for Turfani and Strictly Rhythm – hope it doesn’t rain too much, as they both seem to prefer dry conditions.

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