Tommy to get a run…we hope

Little Tommy is in the last at Maisons-Laffitte tomorrow (Saturday), and there are lots of reasons this is a good thing: It’s been a month since his comeback race, he really needs the run, he’s well-placed in a handicap that should not be all that difficult for him and he has a great jockey. But there’s one big drawback: It’s been pissing down rain all week, and Tommy doesn’t go in the mud. Soft is fine, even very soft, but once the barrier is crossed into heavy or stick going, he might as well stay in his box. That seems to be the rule in racing: When you have a horse that needs fast ground, it will rain nonstop before the race, and when you have a horse that wants the mud, you get a week of tropical sunshine. We will make a final decision around noon tomorrow (post time is 6 p.m.), and I’m really hoping he can go, becase he’s driving us all nuts with his excess energy!

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