To chill or not to chill…

As most of our friends know, Champagne is a major food group around our house. When you deal with horses, you develop a thirst that only properly chilled Champagne can quench. This can clash with supersition, of course. I have two horses running Monday in Chantilly, and frankly, they both have good chances (Hard Way probably a slightly better chance than Pixie). Then again, I expected to win two races last week and came home with a fourth and a seventh. So, stock the fridge and risk jinxing your chances or make sure you’re prepared with the best happens? We’ve sort of solved the problem by reserving the bottom shelf for bubbly, but sometimes when you’re not paying attention, the stock runs down. I’ve got a good, fun bunch of owners so this can happen pretty quickly.

Hard Way has only 11 runners in his handicap, which is unheard of here – usually the second half of a Tierce would be a full field of 18 or 20. Pixie has slightly tougher company in her claimer, but I think she’s in with a good chance, too. Check this space Tuesday for the excuses if the two of them don’t win…but meanwhile, I’m off to the cellar to pop in a few bottles, just in case.

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