Sunrise shows her drug-free stuff

Satwa Sunrise ran a game second of 16 runners in Deauville today, starting our year off right. She couldn’t quite catch the winner, but she showed great turn of foot in the straight and lots of promise for Cagnes sur Mer. Best of all, she came back great, again hardly blowing, and no coughs or any other sign of respiratory distress. For those of you who hadn’t been following the story: Sunrise was trained on Lasix in England. I picked her up for about 2,000 euros at the Tattersall’s autumn sale, and she has shown no signs of bleeding during the two months I’ve been training her. Her closing speed today shows me that this is not an issue for her, and she is probably pleasantly surprised to find out she can go at top speed without the hindrance of being dehydrated by Lasix.

The pre-race routine was the same as it always is for my horses: She ate a slightly bigger-than-normal breakfast (three liters of feed instead of two) around 7 a.m. She got a second feeding of two liters, some apples, carrots and a syringe of Vitamin B12 orally around 9:40. She got on the truck for Deauville at 10:15, and post time was 3:05 p.m. She was offered free access to water up until 2 p.m. She had been getting Vitamin C in her feed in the days leading up to the race; a few of my horses have been coughing, so almost everyone is getting Vitamin C to keep their defenses up. Other than that, she had no vet attention whatsoever.

She picked up about 5,200 euros for the second place (she gets the French owners’ premiums, which add 48 percent to the prize money).

Her nice run follows up on a third place on Friday for Deep Ocean. He had a great run, and seems to have come back well, so let’s hope he has put his sniffles behind him. If he continues to be healthy, he’ll have another shot on Jan. 10.

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