Skid disappoints in Chantilly

Skid ran a handicap in Chantilly today, the same course and distance as when he was second about 10 days ago, but only managed to finish 7th in a field of 11.  He missed the break and never really got into the fray, and when Nadege asked him for speed, he didn’t have the same fluid acceleration as he showed last time out. I don’t see any immediate reasons for the subpar performance, but this was his fourth race in rather quick succession, so I think we just need to give him a bit of time. Normally I like to keep at least three weeks between races, but Skid seemed to take his racing well, so we went ahead. Now I’ll give him at least three weeks before we ask him again, depending, of course, on how he recovers. He seems to have come back well, so we’ll see. So far in his career, he has never managed to string together two good performances. But I’m sure he’ll be back strong next time out – hang in their Mark and Pippa, we’ll get you some black type yet! He’s a good, solid horse and we haven’t seen the best of him yet.

We can’t forget that he was gelded relatively late, in February, and he’s still adjusting. Also, this time out he was really calm, so maybe we overdid it a bit on relaxing him. I ran him with earplugs last time and again this time, but I’m pretty sure we’ll go without them next time out.

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  1. Thanks Gina! We did at least get to see his race on TV this time. I agree with your synopsis of the race. Do you think the ground was an issue at all? I know he came 2nd last year with you on heavy ground, but good last time out. Maybe he does need a little longer between races. Who knows – swings and roundabouts!

  2. Don’t know if you would be interesed but I have been asked by many trainers to help with horses not running to form, and have had a vey good succes rate, sounds as if your horse may have a relatively simple poblem that I come accrss a lot in my work, if you would be interested in my help please email me, look at my web page, the trainers I have done work for are many in UK and Ireland

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