Seemed like a good idea at the time…

Just loaded Rose of Egypte for her trip into the great unknown that is Vichy. It seemed like a good entry when I picked it out, but now I’m not so sure. The race tomorrow comes at the end of a week-long meet, which means the track would have been pretty used up under the best of circumstances, but now is a complete mud field after several big thunderstorms there. This could be very bad or maybe very good – I have no idea what this horse can do on heavy going. Or on light going, for that matter, since this will only be her second race. She has the least experience of the 14-runner field, and will probably need more racing to come into form. But I’m hoping she can get up for a place and possibly get claimed, which is the goal of her owners, who are essentially pinhookers who need to clear the books for the next crop of yearlings. We all agree Rose will make a better three-year-old, but we’re doing our best to move her on now. She has a great paper and is a huge lovely filly, so maybe she’ll catch someone’s eye down there.

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