Riding out the cold

We’ve been hit with a cold snap, so as of tomorrow it will be almost impossible to get much work done. Probably one of the 1,800-meter straight gallops will be usable, plus the all-weather, which means every horse in Maisons-Laffitte will be on those two tracks. Riding these days is always a challenge, because that many fresh horses in close quarters can be dangerous. Cool heads usually prevail, and everyone keeps a tight hold on whatever they’re sitting on, we all grit our teeth and dream of spring. Luckily, Hard Way and Pixie are racing fit, so we won’t need to do much until their next entry in Deauville. Pixie needs a gallop, probably on Monday, which I’ll have to get done on the all-weather. Everybody’s been double-rugged and tucking into a hot mash at night; as for me, it’s double-sweater in front of the fire with the dogs catching up on episodes of House and Boston Legal.

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