Meanwhile, back at the yard…

My big decision of the week is where to send Abwaab next, after his fifth-place finish in Deauville. We have two choices next week: A 1,500-meter handicap on the fibersand or a 1,000-meter handicap on the grass straightaway. Neither distance is ideal – I think he is best at 1,200 to 1,400 meters, but there are very few races like that at the moment, and he is fit and ready to run. But I’m not sure he has the puff for 1,500 meters and I’m not sure he’s fast enough for 1,000 meters.

The 1,500-meter race is for horses rated 28 and under, which we just make at 27.5. That means we’d be running against easier company than in the 1,000-meter open handicap.  At the moment, I’m leaning toward the longer distance, and I’ll need to commit by Saturday since the race is next Wednesday. Watch this space…

Meanwhile, the other horses are coming along. Pixie is the star of the show at the moment. She is really shaping up nicely and I hope to run her by the end of the month or early September latest.

Hard Way has been back home now for just over a week. He hasn’t changed a bit – after breakfast he lays down and sleeps the morning away, oblivious to horses coming and going around him. But has a lovely big gallop, and if he can keep his Mr. Cool attitude, he’ll be a joy to handle on race day.

It’s clear big Tyke needs time and patience. He’s still a big gangly thing and he’s taking it easy during what appears to be a growth spurt. And Amour keeps on progressing steadily, building back her fitness.

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