Let’s do some good

Strictly Rhythm runs in the first tomorrow, post time 12:30. It’s going to be a quick and busy morning; Belle will go out first lot with Turfani, who arrived today. Her accommodations were secured with a bottle of Jack Daniels and the promise that she wouldn’t stay long. Now that she’s here, she’s staying – and the box guy seems to know that, even though he’s been kvetching about it all morning. Second lot will see Shinko work on the main track with Spidello, who runs Wednesday. I wouldn’t work a horse so close to the race, but I’m only looking after him for another trainer, and if she wants him worked, we work. He seems to be doing OK, really, so let’s see what happens. He’ll be in the same race as Turfani, so I do have a vested interest. I’d love to see them both in the money. Our neighbors in the yard, the English trainers Moore and Hollinshead, both have runners tomorrow, too, and we’re all hoping we have reason to celebrate tomorrow night. The Moore string already has some results; Hollinshead and I have come up empty so far. We both hope our luck is about to change.

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