Good work, but no money

Belle ran a decent race at St. Cloud yesterday but the competition proved too tough in the end, as I feared it might be. Olivier Peslier gave her a great ride, and she was much better placed during the running than she had been before, moving along a comfortable fourth for most of the race. But she didn’t show much turn of foot in the stretch and finished midfield. For her first race in two months and the first on grass since last October, she did well, and she didn’t have a hard race so she will progress from here. It was also her first try at 2,100 meters, and it seems she can stay that without too much trouble. I think she will go back to the fibersand at the end of the month for a 2,400-meter limited handicap in Deauville, where she will be much better placed. I wasn’t going to stretch her out to that distance until later in the year, but if she can handle 2,100 meters coming up the grass hill at St. Cloud, she can handle the flat 2,400 on the quick sand in Deauville.

Of the last three runners we’ve had, Turfani is the most frustrating, because I think she really should have had a check if she hadn’t gotten caught in traffic. Belle and Bay got beat fair and square, but Turfani was robbed! Anyway, they all should have another chance by the end of the month.

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  1. It’s not the end of the world. I get the feeling Blessing Belle doesn’t like the ground too soft anyway. As for Turfani Deauville with large fields and sharp turns can always make things difficult. There’s always another day.

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