George finally makes an effort

I’m a bit late in posting this, but good old George (Email Exit) ran a lovely race to finish second in Deauville last Thursday, beaten just a short head. He looked the winner 100 meters out, but couldn’t quite hang on. He fought hard, though, and ran probably his best race for us so far. We’ve been more than patient with him and I was just about to try to move him on. I think he likes the food here, though, so he decided to finally run a race. He’s a really nice horse to have around, so I’m glad he seems to have finally understood the game. We might now keep him around for the annual Guernsey races on May 2, with a run or two before then.

Rendition made her debut last Tuesday at Fontainebleau. Some things went well and some didn’t. She handled everything fine, most importantly the starting gate, but never found her action on the uneven dry ground. Peslier said the grounds crew had plugged holes with sand, and that the going was very choppy. She galloped along with the group, but in the home stretch never found any acceleration. She is a fast learner, though, and a courageous filly, so I’m sure we’ll see a different side to her next time out. I’ll make sure we get good, even, true ground and she will improve. I think we need good to soft for her, and we’re likely to get that here in Maisons-Laffitte in mid-April.

Hi Shinko, meanwhile, runs Tuesday in the Tierce at Compiegne. The last time he ran a Tierce was in Cagnes sur Mer, and he went off at 80-1 and nearly won. This time things will be different. I’ve gotten calls from at least five journalists asking about his chances, and Geny courses, a leading tip site, has made us the favorite, which is usually the kiss of death. I would much rather be 80-1 than anything in the single digits, especially in this kind of race. Shinko is in good form, but we’re on the turf this time with a climb up the home stretch. His task will not be easy.

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