Everybody gets a check

All three runners brought home money from Deauville today: Versaki finished 2nd, George 3rd and Turfani 4th. Versaki started us off with a good run at a distance far more suited to him at 1,300 meters. George held on gamely for third in a race that was really too long, but Mathias Sautjeau rode him really well and now we have a much better idea of what we have (a good horse) than we did after the last catastrophe. Turfani was the most unlucky of the lot. She was jostled badly in the quest for position at the start but recovered to run on well. She might not have won today, but she was only a head-bob out of second as three horses hit the line at the same time. It was a nice Christmas present and all the horses came home in good shape. Champagne!

4 Replies to “Everybody gets a check”

  1. Congratulations on that outcome Gina, especially after all the frustration you have been through lately. Even better, you now have an idea of what George’s potential is as he becomes more experienced. The new year is starting to look pretty good for you!

  2. It was a great day for the stable and a nice Christmas present; especially with the new editions running so well.
    But Turfani needs at least 2,000 metres to show her true potential, as much as George needs a shorter trip.
    Hope the ground at Pau, is not too soft for Pixies Blue.

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