Dismal in Deauville, so on to Compiegne

DerringBay did not run well in Deauville, and in hindsight (which as we all know is 20/20), I shouldn’t have taken him there. He has been a bit dull since his bad race in Lyon, although I couldn’t find anything specifically wrong with him, but when we got to Deauville it was clear he was just not a happy horse. His action was better than in Lyon, but he was just going through the motions and was never a threat in the race. He came home slightly sore in his right front ankle, so I think it’s time to call it a day. He already has done far, far better than we had expected, picking up some nice placings, but he’s just not good enough to insist on going forward. His ankle just needs a bit of rest and he is completely sound for pleasure riding, so I think I will try to find a new job for him while he is fit and looking great.

Tomorrow, meanwhile, Turfani and Versaki will run in Compiegne. For Versaki, the race is essentially a training gallop; he has absolutely no chance in a field that is much too tough for him, but we need a third race in France to qualify him for handicap races and there has been absolutely nothing for him since the claimer that would have been perfect in Deauville – but he was eliminated and didn’t get the run. The only other claiming options are either too cheap or too long, so we’re stuck with tomorrow’s race. Turfani, on the other hand, should have a good chance in her handicap, reserved for fillies and mares four-year-old and older. The distance is right at 2,000 meters, she is well-placed in the field and Olivier Peslier will ride her again, all factors in her favor. The big question mark is the going, which risks to be heavy. I had hoped we would get lucky and have soft – but not heavy – going, but it has rained more than originally forecast. We’re drawn far outside in the No. 18 post, so Peslier will have a chance to find the best ground possible for her, in any case.

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  1. Hi Gina, sorry to hear about DerringBay, hope his ankle isn’t too bad and that you find him an excellent home. Also, goodluck with Turfani and I hope Versaki exceeds your expectations!
    Hope to see you soon

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