DerringBay packing his beach gear

DerringBay is officially start-declared for his international debut at the annual races in Guernsey next Monday. At noon tomorrow we find out how many runners we face. I have never been to the Channel Islands – and neither has any other France-based trainer; I will be the first. I can’t wait to see how this will all work out – the planning alone has been quite an adventure. It is supposed to be a great party, and it will be a pleasure to finally meet some of the other owners I have there who also are in partnership on Little Brazilien. DerringBay’s Guernsey run will be the first for their new silks, so that alone will be worth the trip!

Before we leave there, though, we have Versaki in Chantilly tomorrow. Looks like a good entry, with a good draw, so let’s see if the old boy can decide to move this time.

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