Debuts, progress and one bad trip

Catching up the week’s runners: Agata made her jockey debut on Sunday and she’s alive to tell about it, and so is George, so all is well. Agata has good instincts: The race was 2,500 meters long, which was very tough for a first time out, and when she got off the horse the first thing she admitted was that the horse could have done better; it was the jockey who was cooked! Very true – first time past the stands all was well, but when she came around again for the home stretch, it was clear that poor Agata was just a passenger at that point. But it was a great experience for her, and it will bring her on tremendously as a work rider as well. I hope she has another few rides soon, because she will make progress. George, meanwhile, will probably be retired, but I may run him one more time with a jockey. I’ll decide in the next week. He’s sound, seems happy, is here and is eating, so he might as well race.

Rue B made her debut Sunday as well, and tried her best in a race that was far too short for her. On the plus side, she galloped straight, ears pointed and had a tremendously good mental attitude through it all. Not too bad for a first time. She’ll get another try soon at a longer distance, which will suit better.

On Monday, Fortunateencounter (Tuna) ran a cracker to finish 2nd of 17 runners in St. Cloud. She lobbed along relaxed and happy for most of the 3,000 meter race, then closed like a train all by her lonesome in midtrack after Tristan, her jockey, decided to take her wide (we’re still not sure why). She missed the win by a head, and we’re very happy with her. Magical Flower had an outing, too, but the field was much tougher for her. We don’t have many choices for races for her, because she hasn’t passed 3,000 euros in earnings so is the first eliminated under French rules. Very frustrating, because she’s placed four times in England. But because the prize money is so bad there, her earnings only barely top 2,000 euros. The same performance in France would have had her well tipping over 10,000.

Tuesday, Strictly ran the Tierce, my least-favorite race in France, and we were absolutely screwed by a jockey who did not follow orders. I was forced to change jockeys because Strictly had a low weight of 53.5 kilos, and most of the guys I use can’t ride that light. I told our replacement to put her just behind the leaders. Behind. He went tanking off in front, serving as the rabbit for three-quarters of the race, then gave two pushes in the stretch before he dropped his hands and let the horse lob in with all the other losers. Then the jockey came back and said we should shorten the horse back to a mile. She’s been just off the win at this distance five times, but no matter. Clearly not only did he not follow orders, but he didn’t do any homework. Sigh.

I’m off to the yearling sales in La Teste tomorrow, and then to Lyon on Friday, where Birs will run a claimer. He’s a lovely big horse that just needs experience, and probably more distance. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. I watched a replay of Tuna’s race and thought it looked like the jockey took her out and not that she had bolted. Maybe the jockey has been watching too many English races where the fields are frequently split into two groups. The way Tuna was coming like a freight train at the finish makes you think she would have won by a mile if she had run straight.

  2. Is there a link to live video feed of the sale? I emailed Osarus inquiring, though was only answered with a link to their homepage. I never would have asked them, had I been able to find such a link on their (English version) homepage to begin with. Help, please. Thank you.

    Good luck to Birs on Friday.

  3. Vache

    I have watched live coverage of the Osarus sales in the past. Just go to the homepage at the time the sale is suppose to start and there will be a “button” that you click on to watch the sale (the button won’t be there any other time). I actually saw Gina and company when they were buying, I believe, King Driver.

  4. Thank you so much Kay. But I gave up & finally went to bed. They really needed to list the start time; & how they do the video on the English portion of the site. *oh well*

  5. When it’s very soft at St Cloud, the ground on the nearside is generally quicker. Whether the jockey on “Tuna” realised this or not, is another matter.

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