Deauville or bust

Well, final declarations are in, so both Pixie and Hard Way are committed to running in Deauville tomorrow. After a one-day respite yesterday, when it warmed up to a balmy 1 degree above zero and we were able to leave the yard the normal way, the temperatures dove back under today, making things even worse than before because the stuff that thawed yesterday refroze. So it was back on the truck this morning for the short trip over to the all-weather track to put the finishing touches on for tomorrow. Both horses had no interest in relaxing into slow work today, and we had all we could to do hang on and prevent a full-blown breeze. Needless to say, tomorrow they will be fresh. Should be interesting. Hard Way looks really good, and he’s got a chance at something, I think. Unfortunately, if he actually manages to win, his future handicap career will be completely screwed. Pixie, already heavily penalized in the handicaps, will at least shave some weight tomorrow because I doubt she can make money with 62 kilos on her back. A suivre….

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  1. Good luck, Gina! We were thinking it must be tough on those cold mornings. And I just realized what it is that journalism has in common with horse racing (hint: it involves mucking out the stables).

  2. good luck Gina, Starting in the business from scratch, you have had to do things the “Hard Way;” so perhaps this is a good omen.

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