Cape Tycoon comes back, Pixie gets a break

I trucked Pixie’s Blue up to Normandy today for a couple of months of R&R. She seemed to need the break, and since she doesn’t like heavy going anyway, there’s no point in keeping her ticking over for the moment. She will come back in mid-March with an eye toward racing in May and through the summer. The last race at Deauville served its purpose, in that her handicap mark has now come down to a reasonable 34.5, which will put us in a far better position to win some races this year.

I swapped her for Cape Tycoon, the Cape Cross gelding bought at the same time as Pixie last July. We put him out to finish growing, and it seems like the right move: his whithers have now come out and he is no longer higher in back than in front. In fact, he has turned into a huge shaggy beast during his time away, so he will take quite a bit of work to get moving again. He looks much more promising now than he did before. His shoulders have opened up, too…well he’s just huge all around. He still has iffy knees, but it looks like they’re not going to change, so we’ll have to live with them.

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