An Irish invasion

Those of you following along at home may have noticed there are quite a few more horses declared in training with me than there were about 10 days ago. We’ve added 15 untried two-year-olds from Con Marnane’s Bansha House Stables to the roster. I worked with Con last year when he wanted to race a few of his two-year-olds that didn’t sell in the breeze-up sales. Con is an astute horseman and businessman, and he quickly realized that French prize money adds up quickly. So this year, he has planned a full-on invasion and asked for my help. It didn’t take me long to say yes. The horses arrived last week and they are a very good-looking group. The plan is to race pretty aggressively over the next three months. Some will be sold through claiming races, some will go to upcoming horses-in-training sales and some with higher ambitions will hang around in the hope of collecting black type. Most of them are eligible for French premiums, and most of them are fillies. We’ve had to rent a second yard to handle the overflow; the colts, somehow, ended up in my home yard. At least King Driver will now have some company. Stay tuned – racing for us is about to get a lot more intense.

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  1. It doesn’t really take much to work out, that English and Irish prize money for races below listed level, is a complete waste of time and money for owners.

    Which then begs the question, why more owners from these countries don’t have their horses trained in France, with better prize money on offer and the added premium advantages in open races, when you buy French breds.
    A British owner with horses trained in France – told me last year- “British and Irish racing would be finished in 5 years, unless they get rid of the bookmakers”. You can’t argue with that. Gina, it sounds like the exodus is already beginning.

  2. I love English and Irish racing, but I agree with you Johnie that the costs versus the returns are too far apart. That is why I am in French racing. Also because of Gina too.

  3. It sounds like your yard is going to be an exciting place to be this summer. I hope you still have time to turn to the keyboard from time to time!

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