Adventures in equine medicine

Hard Way has to head to Deauville tomorrow for a CAT scan on Thursday in the hopes of finding out whether or not he has a neurological problem. I’m nervous about the whole process, because not only does it involve having to drive him to Deauville (he’s not the best traveler), but he’ll have to be anesthetized for the scan, and there’s always a risk. Not to mention he has to spend the night at the clinic with nothing to eat, so he’ll have no idea what is going on and surely won’t be very happy about it all. But it has to be done. The vet who examined him after his sub-par race in Clairefontaine noted that his left eye was bulging slightly, and that he almost certainly had a cervical problem pretty high up. These signs, along with his episode of passing out while I was riding him, make it too dangerous to continue without knowing what’s up. Best case: the passing out was a one-off (these things can happen), he has a sore neck that can be treated, we do that and go on. Worst case: He has a problem that can’t be solved, and he not only has to stop racing but can’t even be used as a riding horse, which would be a shame. Worst worst case: Well, you know what that would be, and I can’t think anything that bad is going on.

Meanwhile, there are no runners this week. Rapsodie’s race in Vichy was so bad it’s not worth mentioning. She was absolutely not herself and didn’t want to play, which was clear the minute she left the gate. She looks great, is eating great, working well and her legs are cold and tight. The only thing that had changed since her previous race was her strange nervous pregnancy, so I’m assuming we still have hormonal issues to deal with. I’m not sure what can be done about this, so for the moment I’m letting nature take its course.

Meanwhile we’re concentrating on getting the two-year-olds moving and keeping the runners ticking over. Brazil and George are both working well and will surely do much better on the track soon. They will both be entered in a claimer next Thursday. Turfani’s objective is back in Deauville on Aug. 29. Rapsodie will probably wait until the first week of September, because there is a good handicap for her then at St. Cloud and maybe by then she’ll snap back to normal.

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  1. Have a smooth trip today Hard Way (you too GIna). GIna, please tell Hard Way I’ll be there apple in hand to see him for the ride back to Maisons-Laffitte.

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