A good start

Satwa Sunrise finished 9th in Deauville yesterday, but ran very well and passed a very big test: She had absolutely no trouble breathing and clearly is NOT having any bleeding issues. She broke very well – too well, really – and Fabien had to fight with her a bit at the beginning to get her to rate. In the end, she settled a bit, but not soon enough to leave us three wide with no cover, which is a shame. In the stretch, the entire field spread across the track, which was one of the messiest finishes I’ve seen, and coming out of the turn, everyone had a chance. Sunrise didn’t accelerate quite quick enough and then got blocked, and Fabien had to check her badly. But she came again and showed a nice acceleration to finish and was still passing horses at the post.

She recovered very quickly and didn’t even give us one cough walking out. We may try longer next time out, which I hope will be Jan. 2. Our pre-race routine with her was the same as with any of our horses: Normal breakfast, light lunch and access to water until one hour before post time.

Our friend Jackie took some fabulous photos at the track, and we’re all pleased with this run, which was her first race since Oct. 15. Next up, meanwhile, should be Magical Flower next week.

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