A day at the races

I’ve just got home from Longchamp, where I spent the day introducing a group of 40 people to the sport. We picked a great day for it, with the Group 1 French 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas races. Most in the group were Americans living in France, with a few British and French people thrown in for spice. It’s always fun to bring new people to the sport, and they seemed to really enjoy themselves. I’m hoping, of course, that some will want to take that next step and see their own colors out there on the track. But in any case, I can always talk endlessly about horses to anyone who will listen, and we seemed to have a very receptive audience on Sunday. So thanks to Mark for helping organize it all, and let’s hope we see some of these people at the track regularly from now on!

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  1. Thank you Gina for a marvellous day at the Races…
    I learnt more about the races..and horses ..than I ever thought I would get to know… I don’t think I am a convert to the sport… but I do understand the passion… they are such regal animals..poweful..fast..and ..
    ca fait rever !

    Thank you for making it all so accessible, and fun !

    Good luck with your business…hope you find a winner!


  2. And away they go! What an interesting and eventful day….the horses, trainers, walkers, colors of the jockey’s jackets, owners sipping champagne and donning their race day hats and attire, cheering (somewhat subdued compared to US horse racing) crowd, meeting all the other attendees from PAN . . . . it was all exciting and new and I thoroughy enjoyed every minute of it. And for those of us from USA without our children and missing them on this Mother’s Day, it was a fabulous alternative. Thank you Gina for doing an admirable job on educating us in all the details as best you could (with a considerable amount of first timers, this was a challenge!). And I so appreciate all the organizing work done by Mark. What a splendid day – I will be back!

    Cheers, Robin

  3. Many thanks for your enthusiasm, knowledge and good nature, Gina. We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The day lived up to what we expected – or more… really perfect!

    I never realised how amazing race horses are when you get to see them up close.

    Best of luck for your upcoming races.


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