A bridge too far?

We’ve had some trouble with distances lately, not necessarily by choice. Little Brazilien ran 2,000 meters last week, which I knew was too far but had no choice because she needed the race and there was nothing else. She ran OK, really, considering. She idled in 5th or 6th position into the turn, then dropped back (as she usually does) but did re-accelerate a bit to try, which was better than we’ve seen lately. About 350 meters from the end she was cooked, though, which didn’t surprise me. What I’d like to try now is a mile with blinkers. Now finding that distance in a race she can get into will be a challenge. We may have to go out to the country to get it. At this point, I’ll go anywhere.

Timelord also found a little too much runway when we tried him over 3,000 meters in Maisons-Laffitte on Friday. It was a trial, really, and he told is in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t interested, so we’ll go back to 2,000 meters next, but not before he has a bit of a break. I think he needs some recovery time.

Turfani heads down to Craon tomorrow to run 2,200 meters. Again, 2,000 is her distance, and the going is likely to be quite soft, so I’m hoping she can do it. She seems keen; we treated her back since her last race and she is moving quite well now, so I’m hoping she is her usual courageous self. She won’t appreciate the long ride down, either, but Craon is really a wonderful track and I’m looking forward to running there again. It’s a shame it’s so far away (about 300 kilometers one way).  I’m hoping it’s worth the trip.

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