Come Racing in France!

Discover the fun and excitement of thoroughbred horse racing in France, where big purses and low training fees combine to make this country one of the most attractive in the world for horse owners.

Explore our site for details, and contact us to discuss ownership opportunities.  Visit the blog of trainer Gina Rarick to keep up with all the latest happenings in the stable.

Why race in France?

Prize money in French racing is among the highest in the world. The winner of a mid-level race will take home between €9,000 and €15,000, compared with £1,000 to £1,500 in the U.K. In addition, French racing offers premiums to French-bred horses that add 64 percent to prize money for two- three- and four-year-olds, and 43 percent for five-year-olds and older.

Costs are comparatively low. French racing authorities subsidize travel expenses for horses, there are no entry fees for non-pattern races and jockey fees are minimal. Training fees in our yard are €55 a day excluding shoes and racing costs. That means no extra fees for things like rugs or nutritional supplements.

Another factor to consider: France does not allow any medication in a horse’s system on race day. That means lower vet bills for owners and sound, drug-free horses.

Come racing in France –
we’ll have a bottle of Champagne on ice for you!

2017 Winners




Orpello pulling away from the crowd in Cagnes. (Scoopdyga


King Driver taking the Prix du Lavandou, February 8, 2017. (André VIGUIER)


Quiet Zain held on to win the Prix Polygone Saint Jean, February 11, 2017. (André Viguier)


Moujhim winning the Prix Janine Lefevre Winkfield February 12, 2017. (André Viguier)


Mouhjim winning again in the Prix de Carpentras, February 20, 2017. (André Viguier)


King Driver winning just ahead of Grey Sensation in the Prix de Marseille Vivaux February 27, 2017. (André Viguier)



Avenue du Monde had enough to win the Prix des Hauteurs de la Solle, March 17, 2017. (Scoopdyga)



Bleu Astral winning the Prix de l Aisne in Compiègne for High Street Racing, March 27, 2017.


Copper Baked won the first of the double on the last day of racing in Vichy.
Avenue du Monde wins again in 2017, this time in Vichy.

Gina Rarick, Trainer