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Gina, that was wocketwoy whom I saw! Debbie said he was at Chantilly with George Baker's horses. ... See MoreSee Less

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Gina RarickYes, George Baker seems to have quite an entourage! 😉

10 hours ago

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Kay Minton shared Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer's video to the group: Gallop France: Gina Rarick trainer.

Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer
Gina! Maybe I did see/hear him!
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Off to an Elvis lookalike competition! www.wocketwoy.co.uk Instagwam: @wocketwoy_official m.youtube.com/channel/UCcCTBpLTnNwkdgft693IElg Twitter: @wocketwoyteam www.snapchat.com/add/w...

A confirmation and a pleasant surprise in Chantilly today. Eternal Gift ran a very good 2nd - thought he'd win, but not today. Great to see him back on form and run well, though. The pleasant surprise is that our gamble paid off for Kant Excell. The pace at this distance was too quick for him and he was dropped into the back of the field. But he relaxed and closed like a proper racehorse and got up for 5th, which is as good as a win today. It's the first time he's run a decent race in a year, so let's home we've turned the page. Pierre Bazire rode him absolutely perfectly so we'll see if we can confirm this happy style of running next time out! ... See MoreSee Less

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Martine Kohaiza-DucouretUne très belle fin de course de Kant exel....

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Kimara HosteBravo kant excell💋

8 hours ago

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Bleu Astral at Compiegne

The good news is already out, but worth repeating: Bleu Astral was an easy winner today in Compiegne. Great ride from Alexis Badel, who judged the pace well and won from the front. We knew Bleu had the ability, but he needs to be settled enough to use it, and he was today. Bravo to the team, and to all the members of High Street!

Unusual weather we’re havin’…

I just got back in from changing the horses’ clothes for the fourth time today. I turned the heat on. Then swatted a mosquito. It’s mid-November.

When a friend of mine gave me an American Pharoah t-shirt on Arc weekend, I didn’t think I would get a chance to wear it before next summer. But this past week temperatures have topped a sunny 22 degrees (71 Fahrenheit). More than half the horses had already quite sensibly grown their winter coats. A couple have resisted. Turns out they had the last laugh.

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Labor pains

The pheasant that could have ended my life this morning chose not to, for which I was grateful. Far away into my own thoughts, I didn’t see him preening alongside the trail until the last second – Hard Way was nearly on top of him, bowling along toward home in a huge extended trot. Too late to stop, all I could do was crouch lower to the saddle and hope he didn’t choose that second to fly off, which would have resulted in me flying too, probably straight into a stone wall. The pheasant stayed put, and Hard Way coasted past – he probably didn’t see him, either.

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Big Leagues

You know you’ve jumped into the deep end when you bring an undefeated horse to the racecourse and you go off the longshot.

Ella Diva has done everything we’ve asked so far, but tomorrow we’ll see what’s really under the hood. Luckily, she can’t read the program, because she’ll be standing in the starting gate next to a slick miss trained by Andre Fabre who cost 720,000 euros as a yearling. On her other side will be a royally bred Khalid Abdullah filly trained by Pascal Bary. The two of them are supposed to finish first and second in the race, the only question is in which order. Ella doesn’t know that, though, so she will do her best to crash the expensive party.

Four other horses are also fighting for the scraps. None of these fillies has run a mile, so there are a lot of questions to be answered tomorrow. What we do know is this: Ella likes a fight, and she needs a decent pace. The problem is who will set it. None of the horses are necessarily front-runners, so we might run the risk of having to go in front. I hope not. Six other trainers are going to bed tonight hoping not, too. Well, maybe not – Andre Fabre is probably going to bed tonight wondering about his next polo match. He’s done this so many times I can’t imagine he worries about anything one way or another. Not so for us. This is our big day. We’re hoping our little filly does her best, and we hope her best is good enough to keep her in the mix. Stay tuned.

Beyond There be Dragons

We are heading into uncharted territory. Finally, after seven years of training, we have a Good Horse. And that means the weeks ahead are about to get quite interesting.

I thought Ella Diva was quite a nice filly when I bought her out of a claiming race for my English owner. We’d been looking for a horse for months, tried to claim a few and failed, and were getting increasingly frustrated at the process. But we kept hunting, and in late June at Clairefontaine, there was a claiming race for two-year-olds that looked promising. We liked two or three on paper, and Ella Diva was one of them. When I saw her in the parade ring, she ticked all the boxes. Physically, she was just about perfect – not too big, but well put together, with straight legs, a clear eye and good, harmonious muscle. Even more impressive was her demeanor. She had only run once before, when she debuted a winner in Craon, but she was strolling the parade ring like she had done it a hundred times – calm, confident, paying no attention to other young horses acting silly.

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