The Gallop France Racing Club

To find out more about how to become a member, contact:
Gina Rarick – +33 6 7510 4769 or
Tim Rarick – +33 7 8114 518

Full details are listed below


  • Number of Participants
    • Four – Each must be a registered France Galop owner
    • Each participant will be a registered associate of 25% of four different horses.
  • Entry price
    • 20,000 Euros


  • Number of horses
    • Four
    • The purchase price per horse may vary, but all four horses must be purchased with the 80,000-Euro capital.
    • If all four horses are purchased for less than 80,000 Euros, each owner will be reimbursed their portion of the capital remaining.
  • Method of purchase
    • Claiming races
    • Horses in training sales
    • Private purchase
    • The trainer will consult on and approve all purchases
  • Horse profile
    • Horses ready to run
    • If possible, not older than four years old


  • Colors
    • Each participant will have one horse running in their colors
    • Choice of which horse will run in which color to be determined by a lottery.
  • Racing decisions
    • Choice of races – The trainer
    • Choice of jockey – The trainer
  • Racing career of the horses
    • Until sold
    • Until the end of the racing career, either through injury or retirement


  • The Trainer
    • Gina Rarick will train all four horses.
    • Each participant will be responsible for 25% of the training fees of four horses, billed monthly.

Administration, accounting and fees

  • Race accounting
    • To facilitate purchasing, each member should make sure that their France Galop account has a balance of at least 20,000 euros. This to avoid any problems when a horse is claimed for the group.
    • Each horse will be placed under a four-owner association contract with France Galop
    • All racing accounting: distribution of prize money, collection of training center fees and racing costs, will be done by France Galop and will appear on your France Galop account statement.
    • Each owner will be listed in the program individually
  • Decisions requiring a vote
    • Extraordinary veterinary decisions or costs
    • Sales other than claiming races
    • Whether or not to defend a horse in a claiming race
    • Tie votes will be broken by the trainer
  • Procedure for leaving the group
    • One or more partners may have their share bought by either a current partner or someone from outside the group.
  • Communication language
    • English


  • On the one year anniversary of the first horse purchased, if there is one or more horses still running, a vote is taken on whether or not to continue or to sell the remaining horse or horses.