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About to head over to the racecourse soon with Eternal Gift, who is running the 5th race, post time 6:05 p.m. He's been off for a year with a leg problem but he seems in good form now. The distance will be a little sharp for him, but he should run a nice comeback race. A special thankyou to the PMU for scheduling all of these lovely "semi-nocturne" meetings in September. The last race of the day is practically run in nautical twilight. I think the powers that be forgot that these tracks don't have lights. ... See MoreSee Less

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Marine MouronEn plus il retrouve son pilote préféré!! Je serais derrière mon écran avec eux pour cette rentrée! Je compte sur vous pour lui faire un calin d'encouragement de ma part 😉 (À Eternal hein, je précise) 😜

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Audrey JouanestGo Eternal!!!

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Debbie HollinsheadIt is quite bizarre !!

18 hours ago

Michel GhysIt's only next door for you 🙂 , much more enoying for others (and me tomorrow in St Cloud)

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King heads back to one of his preferred venues tomorrow, St. Cloud. He's in the last race, post time 5:25 p.m. The ground is already predicted to be heavy and should be a proper swamp by the time we get our chance, so I'm hoping it's not too heavy for him. He likes it soft, but there are limits! He's got a good draw of 9, and we'll see how he gets along with Hayley Turner. He's in form and due for a good run. ... See MoreSee Less

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Neil Frank MaslinHayley with 2 down,what can go wrong?

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Shari Volovsek HahnGood luck to him 🙂

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Ellie Wagner CrowderGood luck!

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  1. Hi Gina! My phone has broken down, so for the moment I cant follow you on Facebook…Made me even happier to see that you are updating your blog and that you have already started to pick up Money in Cagnes! So much wish I could come down and see you there, but for the moment things ( that is Money!!) are a bit tight.Paying a small fortune to get Lasse reeducated to a nice ridinghorse and get him sold and also have the normal cost of the old one. Still we are planning Another go to the Dubai World Cup in March, so that is where the saving up goes this year! But , hopefully I will have Lasse sold and Joker moved to a better,(and cheaper Place!) next month, so then things will become better again. Do like to come down and visit your new Place, as soon that it fits, with all your work down there! For now, have great time in Cagnes and my very best to Tim and the rest I might know!
    The very best of luck to you all, from Anne-Beth!!

  2. Well done! You must be in line for top trainer at Cagnes I keep my eye on the French results Bill Jolly in England

  3. Gina that was one hell of a great result! Well done you, the team and those two super triers! Following you in Cagnes has been the best fun! Get home safe and may the new yard be always lucky for you.

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